This Order was also, in 1897,created by King Leopold II, as king of the Independant State of Congo, and later, in 1908, incorporated into the Belgian awards system. It was awarded for distinguished artistic, literary or scientific service in the commercial or industrial field or for (long) service to the country or in Africa.

The same ribbon emblems or ribbon variations as with the Leopold I Order have been instituted for this Order as well. "Lower" ranks (military, public servants or other civilians) are awarded Palms or Medals. The classes of the Order are :
Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer, Knight, Gold Palms, Silver Palms, Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal.

5 classes and 2 palms and 3 medals
Grand Cross
Grand Officer
Knight (with crossed swords 40-45 and Gold Medal clasp, with gold stripes)
Gold Medal, Silver Medal
Gold and Silver Palms
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