In 1900 King Leopold II, as king of the Independant State of Congo, created another order - bearing his own name - which was later, in 1908, incorporated into the Belgian awards system. It was awarded for services to the King.

In fact it is again a long service order and awarded as such instead of the rarer Leopold I Order (but also alternatively with the Order of the Crown). The usual emblems and ribbon variations are applicable to this Order as well.

The classes' system is again in evidence as are three medals :
Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer, Knight, Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal.
Grand Officer
Officer (with crossed swords and Gold Medal bar, with gold striped ribbon)
Knight (bilingual, with gold central stripe and star, with gold stripes and with palm and black enamel bar)
Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals
Model "Etât Indépendent du Congo" (before 1908)
Grand Cross
Grand Officer, Knight and Bronze Medal
Belgian Kingdom model (after 1908)
Grand Cross
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5 classes, 3 medals