The Commemorative Medal of the African Campaigns 1914-1917
Awarded to those that participated in the campaigns in the Cameroons, Rhodesia, German East Africa and in the border area of Eastern Belgian Congo between 1914 and 1916.

This silver (for Europeans) or bronze (for native troops) medal was instituted on 21 February 1917. A further campaign, from Tanganyika into German East Africa and resulting in the capture of the town of Mahenge in October 1917, is commemorated by a bar "MAHENGE" instituted in 1931.

The obverse shows a seated lion, its front paws on a rock, and in the background part of a hill and some tropical trees and plants. A small star adorns the top of the medal. This same star is also found on the reverse, flanked by the dates "1914" and "1916". The remainder of the reverse is taken in by three laurel branches, partially covered with the names of the regions (larger letters) and places (smaller letters) where troops were engaged : KAMERUN / OUESSO ASSOBAM / MULUNDU JAUNDE / AFRIQUE ORIENTALE ALLEMANDE / KIGALI / NUANSA UDJIJI / USUMBURA BIARAMULO / KITEGA ST MICHEAL / TABORA". The ribbon is pale blue with yellow edges.
Commemorative Medal of the African Campaigns (silver with bar, bronze obverse and reverse)
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