The Medals of the National Committee for Aid and Nourishment 1914-1918
Awarded to those who worked for the committee for their services and dedication.

This medal was instituted on 31 May 1919 in four classes : 1st Class in bronze gilt with a rosette on the ribbon, 2nd Class in bronze gilt, 3rd Class in silvered bronze and 4th Class in bronze. This very common medal was jokingly referred to as the "Beans Medal" referring to the huge quantities of dried beans that were distributed during the war. The list of recipients published in the Belgian State Journal of 21 August 1920 occupied no less than 230 pages !

The obverse depicts a crowned woman (representing Belgium) surrounded by an oak leaf wreath. The reverse has the intertwined letters "CN" (Comité National) and the dates "1914" and "1918" in the centre, with wheat on top and below. Around the edge is the bilingual inscription "EN SOUVENIR DE SA COLLABORATION - TER HERINNERING AAN ZIJN MEDEWERKING" (In memory of his - or her - participation). The ribbon is red with white edges.
National Committee Medal 1st Class (obverse, reverse)
National Committee Medal 2nd, 3rd and 4th Class (obverse)
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