Awarded to the defenders of the town and fortresses of Liège in 1914.

This bronze medal was first awarded in April 1920 at a ceremony where the Crown Prince, Leopold (the later King Leopold III) and General Leman (the town's commander in August 1914, when Liège had to be defended against the German invader) were present. Although the medal is not an official one, wearing it by military personnel on active duty was tolerated. Inhabitants of Liège who had received the Political Prisoner's Medal and had been convicted by a German court in Liège were also entitled to this medal.

The medal's obverse shows the "Perron" (a monument in Liège) with a decoration somewhat resembling the French Legion of Honour in the background. The year "19 / 14" is on both sides of this decoration while along the medal's edge is the text "LA VILLE DE LIÉGE A SES VAILLANTS DEFENSEVRS" (The town of Liège to its courageous defenders). The reverse depicts a battle scene with a destroyed bunker along the river Meuse, some soldiers still defending it and one wounded soldier.

The ribbon is in the town's colours : red and yellow.
The Liège Medal
Liège Medal (obverse, reverse)
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