Awarded to both Belgians and foreigners who, during the war, rendered conspicuous services by promoting, organizing and administrating works of a charitable and humanitarian nature which helped Belgians in need.

This bronze medal was instituted on 7 April 1919.
The obverse shows the head of the king and within a laurel wreath around the medal's edge is the text "ALBERT ROI DES BELGES" (Albert King of the Belgians). The reverse has, within the same laurel wreath, the inscription "EN / TEMOIGNAGE / DE RECONNAISSANCE / NATIONALE" (As proof of the nation's gratitude). This medal could also be issued with a Flemish text : "ALBERT KONING DER BELGEN" on the obverse and "ALS BLIJK VAN 'S LANDS ERKENTELIJKHEID" on the reverse, if the recipient preferred this. Below are the dates "1914 - 1918". The ribbon is dark red with the national colours in the centre. Another ribbon, having two such stripes of the three national colours, was used for medals awarded to those who distinguished themselves in victualling occupied Belgium.
The King Albert Medal
King Albert Medal (French issue)
King Albert Medal (Flemish issue)
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