The Civilian Invalid Medal 1940-1945
Created on 10 February 2008, (decree published on 3 March 2008) this silvered medal is destined to honour those civilians that were invalided during the Second World War.

Its obverse shows, from left to right, 3 bajonets pointing upwards and a civilian walking to the right; this civilian wears a hat and a coat, the latter's back being in the process of disintegrating; around the rim is a circle which opens up for the following : at the top the seal of the nation (lion on a shield with the royal crown above and with underlying crossed sceptres) and along the bottom rim "1940-1945", left and right along the rim a laurel branch symbolising persistance.

The reverse has the trilingual inscription "BURGERLIJK INVALIDE VAN DE OORLOG 1940-1945", "INVALIDE CIVIL DE LA GUERRE 1940-1945", "ZIVILINVALIDE DES KRIEGES 1940-1945" (Civil Invalid of the 1940-1945 War).

The medal is suspended from a 37mm wide ribbon in white moiré, with - in the middle - horizontal tricolour stripes in the national colours (black, yellow, red) and 7 mm violet vertical stripes at the sides.
Civilian Invalid Medal 1940-45 (obverse, reverse)
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