The Medal of the Deported for Forced Labour 1940-1945
On 23 December 2002 (Decree published on 28 Feb. 2003) the Belgian government instituted this bronze medal for award to those that had, at the time, been officially recognized as Deportee through being deported for forced labour during the Second World War. The medal's reverse is blank and the ribbon is green with two 3 mm deep blue stripes at 10 mm from the edge.
Medal of the Deported for Forced Labour 1940-45
© Hendrik Meersschaert, 2017
Note : until the creation of the medal above, no award was available for those deported. Below is an unofficial bronze medal created sometime after 1967 which was meant for those whom the German occupant deported to Germany for forced labour.

The obverse shows a man in German uniform (the only Belgian medal where a swastika is shown) holding a worker and showing him where to go.