The Medal for the Jewish Political Prisoner 1940-1945
On 19 April 1999 a bronze medal was created for award to recognized political prisoners belonging to the Jewish Community in Belgium who were interned or imprisoned during WW2.

Its obverse has a Star of David with barbed wire through it and the dates "1940-1945". Around the edge of the medal is the bilingual French and Flemish text "PRISONNIER POLITIQUE JUIF DE BELGIQUE - JOODSE POLITIEKE GEVANGENE VAN BELGIE". The reverse has the bilingual "LA BELGIQUE SE SOUVIENT. AUSCHWITZ - PLUS JAMAIS / BELGIE HERINNERT ZICH. AUSCHWITZ - NOOIT MEER". The ribbon is in the Belgian colours of black, yellow and red.
Jewish Political Prisoner Medal 1940-45 (obverse, reverse)
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