These medals, one for each language group in Belgium, were instituted as late as 12 April 1990 and eligible are all those of Belgian nationality, aged between 16 and 35 years at the outbreak of WW2, who followed the order of the Belgian government in May 1940 to proceed to one of the recruiting centres set up in France. Absence from home must be at least 10 days and have occured before 10 September 1940.

Flemish recipients received the medal with the RCBL obverse, Walloon ones the CRAB obverse and the small Belgian German-speaking community was entitled to the RZBH medal. Each translates to "Recruitment Centre of the Belgian Army". The medal's reverse only bears the date "1940". Posthumous awards are not considered.
The World War II Recruiting Centres Medal (RCBL - CRAB - RZBH)
Medal of the Recruiting Centres of the Belgian Army
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