The Medal for the Resistant against Nazism in the Annexated Territories
This medal was instituted even later than the previous one, on 16 April 1985, and awarded to those in the German speaking area of Belgium (annexated after WW1 as war indemnification) who actively opposed Nazism during WW2 : political prisoners, POW's, members of the resistance, saboteurs, clandestine press members, those that for patriotic reasons left or were expulsed from the area between 10 May 1940 and 1 January 1943, those that were forced into the German Army or German labour force but deserted before 6 June 1944, etc.

The ribbon differs with the category to which the recipient belonged : those that deserted their German enlistment received the medal on a blue ribbon with yellow stripes, those that left the region or were expelled from it wore the ribbon with red stripes, the other recipients received the ribbon with white stripes.
Medal for the Resistant against Nazism in the Annexed Territories
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