The medals are :

Royal Victorian Order, 5th Class (MVO),
Military Medal,
The 1939-45 Star,
The Africa Star with 8th Army bar,
The Italy Star,
The Defence Medal
The War Medal 1939-1945
The General Service Medal with Malaya bar,
The Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal  (Regular Army bar),
The India Independence Medal.
The Medal Group of Hon. Captain Lalgopal Ghale, 2nd Ghurka Rifles
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Left, standing : Hon. Capt. Lalgopal Ghale, 2nd Ghurka Rifles, in 1962 while he was one of the Queen's  Ghurka Orderly Officers.
Official Military Medal recommendation

"on Sept. 3-4, 44, during an attack on Monte San Giovani in the Adriatic Sector of the Gothic line, this NCO showed extreme courage, initiative and devotion to duty while leading his section. He was commanding a section in the left hand leading platoon of the forward company. Their objective was a strongly held enemy position on the bluff overlooking Auditore Village from the west. During the initial attack Naik (Corporal) Lalgopal was shot through the calf by an enemy MG, but he fought on to the foot of the cliff. There he found 3 enemy MG's in position above him firing at the remainder of the company. He carried out a personal reconnaissance and found a way up the cliff. He then led the remainder of his section up the cliff and assaulted the enemy position in the flank. 2 MG's were silenced and the crew of the 3rd fled; Lalgopal himself wiping out the first post with grenades and killing one man from the second post with his kukri . Though wounded he carried on with leading his section in the second phase of the attack, distinguishing himself repeatedly in the fierce hand to hand fighting. His section did excellent work repelling an enemy counter-attack and he skillfully withdrew his section when ordered. Not until his section was dug in in their new position did he allow himself to be evacuated to the RAP. The bearing of the NCO throughout the action, his dash and determination to close with, and kill the enemy were an inspiration to all men around him and in great part contributed to the success of the operation."
Hon. Capt. Lalgopal Ghale, 2nd Ghurka Rifles, in his home in Kathmandu, Nepal, circa 1986.
Compiled from information provided by Bob Hughes.