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Through my hobby and throughout the making of this website, I've had the pleasure of being in contact with and meeting many helpful people who share the same passion for orders, decorations and medals.

I am proud to know them and cannot thank them enough for all the time and effort spent on my behalf. At the risk of forgetting someone momentarily, I've tried to compile a list in no particular order of those that made their expertise and/or assistance available to me throughout the years - again, my thanks to all and everyone of them.

Vinko Laus, Kerry Bulow, Simon Ralph, Robert Maher, Hugo and Jeannine Jacobs, Cdt. (Ret.) Pat Van Hoorebeke, Guy Deploige, Emmanuel Halleux, Bernard Wilkin, Roland Meeuws, Ronny Tollenaere, Olivier Vercammen, Werner Van Brempt, Sébastien Vandenbosch, Peter Verstraeten, Marc Brans, Willy Dufossez, Jean-Paul LeBlanc, Ed Paquette, Tom Van Walleghem, Krystian Bednarski, Benny Nielsen, BenGee, Gérard Estournet, the late Frédéric de Perier, Paul Démogé, Jani Tiainen, János Szentváry-Lukács, Catherine Hennessy & Joseph Shannon, Norman Dixon, Lt.-Com.(Ret.) Maurizio Andriani, Erik Müller, the late Rob Engelen, David Hebberd, Bruce Dorsey, Lt.Com. (ret.) Harald Hallberg, Lukasz Gaszewski, Paulo Estrela, Renardt Iancu, Yuri Yashnev, George Byron, Megan Robertson, Mike Thomas, Roger Campion, Edward Emering, John Sylvester Jr., Ed DeLoach, Ed Haynes, John Strandberg, Micheal Shackelford, Lt.Col. (Ret.) William Woodier, Bob Hughes, Jason Wood.


Besides from the contributors above, information on this site was compiled using the following sources :

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