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The Augier model
Bronze 31 mm medal depicting a French soldier, his Lebel-rifle with bayonet at the ready and standing in front of a cannon. Along the edge is the text "On ne passe pas". The engraver's name is on the bottom left: "A. AUGIER".

Reverse of the medal depicts the famous Verdun town gate but surrounded by a wreath of oak (left) and olive leaves (right) at the bottom of which are the Verdun town arms. Over the gate is "Verdun".

This medal is not complete without its proper bronze ribbon clasp, having a 2-line inscription which reads: "VERDUN / 21 FEVRIER 1916".

A second type of the Augier model, of later manufacture, is recognized by having a ball suspension and a one-line clasp reading "VERDUN".
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