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Some Rasumny medals
© Hendrik Meersschaert, 2002 - 2017
The Steiner model
Bronze or silver 29 mm medal on a ring suspension.

The obverse shows a standing female (France) wearing a laureated bonnet and holding a sword. In the background, left, is a part of the Vaux fortress, and right, part of a city (Verdun) over which the sun rises. On top is the legend 'ON NE PASSE PAS" and on the lower right "STEINER".

The reverse shows part of a stylised fortress under a mural crown. Underneath is a Legion of Honour cross on some ruins; the word "VERDUN", split up, appears on both sides of the fortress.
Many thanks to "Marcel" and the late Frédéric "Contoutos" de Périer for the use of these Steiner Verdun Medal pictures !