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More precisely, this should be called "anonymous medal, "René"-striking.

This 29 mm bronze medal strongly resembles the Prudhomme model as far as the obverse is concerned but has, nevertheless, quite a number of different features. The obverse differs from the Prudhomme model on a number of points, most striking ones being 4 chevrons and "1916" on the uniform collar tabs and the placement of the text "VERDUN ON NE PASSE PAS" on the medal.

The reverse depicts a flaming torch on a French flag and surrounded by a laurel (left) and oak branch (right). Over the torch is a little panel (for possible engraving of the recipient's name). At the bottom a 3-line inscription "AUX HEROS DE VERDUN" (To the Heroes of Verdun).

This ball-suspension medal was struck by Mr. RENE of the A. MARIE STUART works.
The René model
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