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The Volunteers Ribbon
Awarded, from 1961 onwards, to Israeli citizens or permanent residents in Israel who voluntarily served in the British armed forces before 8 November 1944. If service started after this date, a minimum of 6 months service is required. No medal exists, only a service ribbon. This ribbon also was awarded to those that served in the Jewish Legion or the Turkish army in WW1. World War 2 recipients are automatically entitled to the Fighters against Nazism Medal (see below).
The 60th Anniversary of Victory Medal 1945-2005
During WW2 Israel did not yet exist as an independent state and was under British mandate. However, Jews did see service in the allied armed forces, particularly in the British and Soviet armies.
The Fighters against Nazism Medal
Originally, from 1967 onwards, awarded as a service ribbon only, this medal is bestowed on Israeli citizens or permanent residents in Israel who served in any of the allied armed forces or as partisans or members of of underground resistance groups between 1 September 1939 and 1 September 1946. The reverse shows the State of Israel crest and, around the bottom edge, the Hebrew text "Fighter against the Nazis - Veteran of the Second World War".
Commemorative medal to Jewish fighters against Nazism. Instituted by WW2 veterans' societies but in the meantime recognized by the Israeli government as an official award.