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The Order for Bravery
This very complex order was originally instituted 1879 as the Military Order for Bravery in four  classes for officers in a number of "emissions" (categories) and an equal number of classes for soldiers for personal bravery in war. A new issue was created bearing the date "1941".
The Order of the 9th September 1944
Instituted on 14 September 1945, this order was awarded for services in connection with the 9 September 1944 uprising, for outstanding services in the establishment of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, and for bravery in action by officers and leaders of the People's Army. Two divisions were created, a Military and a Civil Division, each having three classes. The Military Division can be recognized by its insignia having crossed swords. Two types of the order exist : a screw-back type and a ribboned one. The central medallion depicts a Bulgarian patriot, Vasil Levski.
The Order of National Freedom 1941-1944
This order was instituted on 14 September 1945 and could be awarded to Bulgarians who, as partisans, members of other fighting units or as political prisoners, had - by their valour or devotion - contributed materially to the struggle against Germany. Foreigners could also receive this order for similar services prior to 9 September 1944. Two classes were created, the 1st class having white enamel and being in gilt, the 2nd class, silvered, having red enamel. The central medallion depicts Cristo Botev, a 19th century poet and patriot. Once more, two types, one screw-back, the other ribboned are in existence.
The Medal for the Patriotic War 1944-1945
All who participated in the war between 9 September 1944 and 9 May 1945 were entitled to receive this medal.
The Medal for Participation in the Anti-Fascist Struggle
This medal was instituted in 1950 to recognize partisans, helpers, political prisoners and concentration camp victims during the war against Nazi Germany.
Anniversary of the Victory over Germany Medals
Instituted for award to WW2 veterans on resp. 9 May 1975, 1985 and 1995 to commemorate the 30th, 40th and 50th anniversary of Victory over Germany.
The Bulgarian Infantry Badge
This bravery badge was created in four classes, the 3rd (left) and 4th (right) class being pictured above.
The Partisan Battle against Fascism Medal
This medal was described to me with different names and I've chosen the above one for the time being. The medal itself was instituted on 13 December 1950 for award to veteran partizans of WW2 but its requirements were later broadened to allow awards to be made for anti-capitalism activities. In 1990 the medal was discontinued.