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King Christian X's Medal for Participation in the War
Denmark was invaded by Germany in April 1940 and no active resistance was offered at the time of the invasion. However, a strong resistance movement existed throughout the war. Furthermore, Danes that had escaped, performed active service with the Allied forces and with the Mercantile Marine.
Instituted on 3 May 1946, this silver medal was awarded only 905 times. Recipients were Danish who served with the Allied forces and 78 posthumous awards were made, the only Danish medal so awarded.
The obverse shows the head of King Christian X and around the edge is "Christian /. Min Gud. mit Land. Min Aere", on the reverse is a five line inscription : "For / Deltagelse / I Allieret / Krigstjeneste / 1940-45". The ribbon is red with a broad white central stripe in which are three thin red stripes.
King Christian X's Medal in Commemoration of the Liberation
Also called the "Pro Dania Medal" (or the Medal of Liberty), this award was instituted on 5 May 1946 and bestowed on some 3,100 persons who had rendered special services to Denmark during the German occupation.
The obverse again depicts the head of the king, this time surrounded by the legend "Christianus X Rex Daniae". The 3-line reverse description reads "Pro / Dania / 1940-45". The ribbon is red-white-red in equal parts.
Danish Red Cross Commemorative Medal
King Christian X approved this medal on 1 February 1946 for relief work during the war. The reverse reads "Dansk Rode Kors / 1939-45".