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The Navy Cross for Special Merit

This silver cross was instituted on 1 November 1943. It's white central medallion shows a helmsman's wheel with the Mexican eagle and is surrounded by a blue rim with the text "LA ARMADA DE MEXICO * POR MERITO ESPECIAL". The reverse inscription reads "CREADA / POR / DECRETO DE / 1 DE NOV. DE / 1943" and the ribbon is yellow with a blue centre stripe.
Mexico declared war on Japan, Germany and Italy on 28 May 1942 after having broken off diplomatic relations with those countries shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Its main contribution to the war seems to have been to send a small air force detachment to the Pacific.
The Decoration for Naval War Operations 1942-45

This decoration was established in two classes on 1 March 1949. The 1st class is gold plated and hangs from a blue ribbon with yellow stripes, the 2nd class is silver and its ribbon is yellow with blue stripes. The reverse is plain but for the title and date of institution of the award inscribed on the odd suspender.
The Decoration for Naval Aeronautical Merit
Instituted on 17 December 1945, this 5-pointed star is either gold plated (1st class) or silver plated (2nd class) and is suspended from a Mexican eagle standing on crossed anchors. The central medallion shows an upright anchor and a horizontal propeller surrounded by "MERITO AERONAUTICO NAVAL". The reverse inscription reads "CREADA POR LEY / DE / 17 DIC. / 1945". The 1st class star has a dark green ribbon, the 2nd class has the same ribbon but with a white centre stripe.
The Far East Service Medal
The "Servicio en el Lejano Oriente" medal was created by General Manuel Avila Camacho, president of Mexico, in 1945. It was awarded to members of the "Escuadron 201", an air force unit with about 300 pilots which was based in the Philippines from March 1945 onwards and saw action mainly over Formosa.