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The Indochina Combat Service Medal 1941
The obverse of this dark, bronze medal shows three riders on a war elephant in a battle scene while the reverse has an inscription meaning "We fight for Thailand's honour". The ribbon device indicates the recipient was actually under enemy fire during the campaign.
Thailand, earlier known as Siam, was a military governed country at the outbreak of WW2. Although this government was sympathetic to Japan, many in Thailand were more inclined towards the Western side and so little support was given to Japan throughout the war. Nevertheless a short campaign to recover some areas of Cambodia and Laos, taken away during French rule in the area, was mounted and Japanese mediation resulted in Thailand temporarily recovering these areas. Later on, Thailand entered the war on the Japanese side in Malaya and Burma.
The East Asian Combat Service Medal 1942
But for the ribbon and the silvered medal finish, this is exactly the same design as the previous medal.
The Indochina Home Front Service Medal
Of the same design as the following medal but in dark bronze, this medal was awarded to those who served but did not actually take part in the Indochina campaign.
The East Asia War Home Front Service Medal
As with the preceding medal, this silvered bronze medal was awarded for serving in the armed forces though without actively having been engaged in the fighting during the actual campaign. The obverse shows the symbol of the Thai armed forces while on the reverse is the inscription "For official internal service".